Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a 1-way and a 2-way remote car starter?

The difference between a 1-way and a 2-way remote car starter is very simple. Both transmitters on a 1-way or a 2-way system look similar and will mostly have the same functions such as keyless entry, trunk release, and start/stop the vehicle. However the difference comes in the way they operate once the command has been sent to the vehicle. In a 1-way system the transmitter will communicate to the vehicle however if the user is not physically able to see the vehicle there is no way to surely know if the vehicle received the command or not. In a 2-way system the transmitter will also communicate to the vehicle much like the 1-way system, however in the 2-way system the vehicle is also able to communicate back to the transmitters and allow the user to insure the vehicle received and executed the command. This is convenient because the user does not need to physically see the vehicle in order to be sure the vehicle performed the command it received.

What is an immobilizer bypass module?

An immobilizer bypass module must be used in almost every remote start installation for vehicles that were manufactured from approximately the year 1999. This is the case because most vehicles now come with an anti-theft system built into the key or fob used to start the vehicle. This system uses a small chip inside the key, and a receiver somewhere around the ignition barrel of the vehicle. When the receiver senses that the correct chip is in range it allows the engine to be started. When we remote start a vehicle the key is no where near the ignition barrel of the vehicle and therefore cannot be started. The immobilizer bypass module has the same technology built into it as the chip that is inside a car key, and therefore can learn the same signal that the key sends to the receiver. The immobilizer bypass module gets activated by the remote start whenever the start command is given, and tricks the vehicle into thinking the key is right next to the ignition barrel when in reality it is not. That is how starting the vehicle from a long distance away is made possible.  

Will I still need my OEM key after getting a remote car starter installed?

Yes! The OEM key is the only way the vehicle will drive when it is inserted into the ignition. All remote starters have a built in safety feature that when the brake pedal is depressed in order to shift to "D" the engine will immediately shut off. Therefore in case a thief gets into the vehicle while it is remote starter, as soon as they press the break pedal and try to shift gears the engine will shut off. 

The battery in my vehicle died and now my remote starter is not working?

Due to our weather conditions in the winter it is common for car batteries to go dead. This may cause the transmitters of your remote starter to become unpaired from your vehicle. This is a very simple and inexpensive issue to fix, and sometimes is even covered by our lifetime warranty.